Kintsugi Art Quilts

- the celebrated Kintsugi Art Quilt -

"for that Kintsugi magic"

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese practice where broken ceramic pieces are mended with liquid gold that hardens, leaving lines of gold in the cracks. The recreated created ceramic bowls shine, are works of art. I have applied the Kintsugi principal to handmade quilts. Often older handmade quilts with hundreds of hours of work in them are offered for sale but they have been used with the occasional hole, stain or spot. Because of the symmetrical nature of quilt designs this can be quite devastating, and any patch you put over it is going to be immediately noticed so why not celebrate the crack in the cosmic egg. I add golden caramel silk patches in interesting shapes recreating the original creation into fine art. All quilts are freshly hand laundered with mild soap, refurbished and mended with gold accoutré.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the Kintsugi Art Quilt.


Kintsugi Art Quilt Creation Service: If you have an old quilt that has some wear, maybe one made by your grandmother or something beautiful that has been in the attic or has been in service to your family and you would like me to give it the Kintsugi magic. Email with pics and description and I will give you a quote including hand laundering, mending, gold accoutré and shipping or delivery.


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Kintsugi Art Quilts

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